Research & Development


Solar cells are very fragile and can not be expossed to the environment without some kind of protection. This is the reason that solar cells are encapsulated. An encapsulation consists of a series of layers glued together with the solar cells in between. The top layer is of special importance because it always absorbs some sunlight, therefore reducing the amount of the sunlight availble for the solar cell. Most solar panels that can be found on buldings are made with glass as top layer.

Glass is to heavy and not flexible. KRSolar is constantly looking for new materials which absorb as little sunlight as possible while remaining lightweight and flexible.


Different situations require different modules. How many solar cells are needed in series? How many in parallel? What about shadow? A proper designed module layout and trade-off understanding is key for getting the most out of the solar array.

In the absence of photovoltaics knowledge, KRSolar is more than delighted to help you with the design and arrangement choices suiting your module needs.

System Integration

It is pointless to have the best solar modules if they are not used propperly. Batteries, Inverters, Maximum Power Point Trackers are critical blocks for solar energy utilization and storage.

When needed, KRSolar can do from giving advice to design and implement your entire photovoltaic system.


For the creation of custom modules, KRSolar uses special production techniques, tools and machinery. KRSolar constantly iterates over their production schemes in order to increase the efficiency and consistency of our creations.

The challenge is to outperfom our last challenge