KRSolar BV is a company founded in 2017 by three former members of the Nuon Solar Team. They participated together and won the 2016 SASOL Solar Challenge in South Africa. The months before the competition, they were able to design and manufacture their own solar array. After this experience and with the gained knowledge, the company was born and build the solar array for their first customer, Solar Team Eindhoven. This team won the World Solar Challenge (Cruiser Class) in Australia in 2017. KRSolar is now aiming to bring the lessons learned from two award winning solar arrays to the general public.


By creating World Class Solar Modules we keep on innovating and pushing the boundaries of what is possible. By doing so, we want to play our part in order to reach a more sustainable future.


Solve what we believe are now World's biggest problems. Clean drinking water and sustainble food production everywhere on planet Earth can be achieved by creating a surplus of usable energy. In theory, it is possible to obtain this surplus from a small percentage of the light that reaches Earth from the Sun. It is up to the current generation of students to make this possible, and KRSolar want to be part of this.