Stella Vie

Solar Team Eindhoven

KRSolar produced the solar array for Solar Team Eindhoven's solar car, Stella Vie. Stella Vie was designed to compete at the 2017 World Solar Challenge in Australia at the Cruiser Class. Stella Vie, like the two previous cars of the team, won the competiion in their class.

The Stella Vie's solar array consists of 5 m2 SunPower backcontact solar cells. The modules placed on the front of the car have curved edges to fit seamlessly on the car and the largest module is made of 28 cells.


Nuon Solar Team

Nuna8S is the solar car built by the Nuon Solar Team for the Sasol Solar Challenge 2016 in South Africa. During the 8 days long race, facing extreme weather conditions, the car and the solar panel are put to the ultimate test.

The solar array for Nuna8S was not build by KRSolar, but by its fouders David, Siebe and Bo. The project is presented here as it represents the foundation of the company and we are pround to have been part of the Nuon Solar Team. We wish our succesors the best luck.

The solar panel on Nuna8S is made of 6m2 SunPower solar cells. The smallest module has 12 cells and the largest of 35 cells. With the solar array the Nuon Solar Team managed to successfully defend their World Championship title and finished first!