History of KRSolar

The roots of KRSolar can be found looking back at September 2015. Bo, David and Siebe became together with 5 other students responsible for building and preparing Nuna8S for the Sasol Solar Challenge 2016 in South Africa. For more than a year they halted their studies and became part of the Nuon Solar Team.

The Nuon Solar Team has raced all over the World with Nuna, their solar car. The World Solar Challenge in Australia, the Sasol Solar Challenge in South Africa and the Suzuka Dream Cup in Japan are well know events for the team. With nine World championships titles as in 2018, the team can call themselfs the most successful solar car racing team in the world. One of the main goals of the team from the Delft University of Technology is to defend the championship title. In order to achieve this goal, a lot of research and development is done to push the limits of current technology.

As the Electrical Engineer of the team, David continued research done by the previous teams and completed the development of a solar panel. As the Technical Manager of the team, Bo was closely involved and assisted David many times during his research. Siebe was responsible for sponsoring and aquisition, making sure that partners got excited and involved with the project. Siebe was able to find time and helped with the production of the solar panel used in South Africa. During this period we got really interested in solar technology and the dream of starting our own company slowly but surely emerged.

Just as our predecessors, our main goal was be the first team to cross the finish in Cape Town. In order to achieve this goal, only the best solar panel need to be placed on Nuna. Not only efficiency and weight are taken into account, but also aerodynamic and cooling behavior, dust adhesion and of course handling & cleaning are important aspects to take into account when designing a solar panel.

On October 1st, 2016, after 8 days of race and more than 4700 kilometers, we managed to win! The finish marked the end of our time with the solar team and the beginning of our own solar adventure. Because we really liked working together and believe in a sustainable future we decided to continue building solar panels. KRSolar is officially founded in March, 2017, and the end of that month we produced our first solar panel.